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Due to an extremely high volume of orders, lead time is approx 7-10 business days.
Tracking Numbers will be emailed when your order has shipped. Thank you!

Q: What is your address?
Seat Concepts
869 W. 9th St
San Jacinto CA, 92582

Q: Is shipping to a P.O. Box available?
A: Not for the standard fee. Shipping to a P.O. Box has a added charge. If a P.O. Box address is used you will receive a invoice for the shipping cost difference.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: There is a 1 year product defect warranty to the original purchaser. This does not cover abuse or impact(crash) damage.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: All foams are made to order and covers are in stock. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing and the foam to be made.

Q: Does Seat Concepts offer custom seats or custom covers?
A: We do not offer custom seat shaping or covers. Our foam material starts out as a liquid, so each different seat shape requires its own mold. We do not alter existing foam shapes.  Due to our current production process, cover options are limited to those shown on each specific product page.

Q: What comes with the Dual-Sport/Comfort Seat Kit option?
A: What you get is a new seat foam and matching cover. You do NOT get a complete seat unless that option is available for that model and selected. You use your OEM pan and install our foam and cover when selecting a kit.

Q: What installation options are there?
A: We can install the foam and cover for you. You just need to send us your pan (you can send the whole seat also but the old foam and cover will not be returned) and we will install the new foam and cover. This is an extra $25.00 fee. Or you can install the foam and cover yourself. There are video clips on youtube on replacing seat covers and we plan to add a video soon. Another option is to take your seat and the new foam/cover to a local upholstery shop and have them install it for you.

Q: Why does the payment page go to Paypal? I want to pay by Credit Card.
A: When the payment page comes up to log into Paypal and you want to pay by Credit Card, below the email/password there is an option. There is a line that says "Don't have a Paypal account?", click that and you will be able to purchase with your Credit Card.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Unused kits or complete seats can be returned for a refund minus shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee. Kits once installed are not returnable. Seats with other than standard stitching can not be returned as well as other than standard foam densities.  If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing. 

Q: Are there different density foams available?
A: Yes, our standard seat works well with a weight range of 160-240lbs unless specified differently in that models notes. If you are below or near the lower, or higher side of the weight range you can contact us for more info on a different density for better comfort. If near either end of the weight range please be aware it will be firmer at the low side and softer on the high. Please allow 2-3 extra days on custom orders.

Q: Are there height options for seats?
A: Not all seats have a low and high option so please check the product section carefully. If you don't see a option for the seat you're interested in please shoot us an EMAIL. Maybe it is in the works. 

Q: Are there color options for all the seat covers?
A: Not on all covers. Certain models have a option for a factory color combo but not all. If there is a certain cover you want to add a stock style color combo contact us to see if we can accommodate you. Not all colors will match the OEM shade.

Q: Does my foam and cover get sent back when sent in for install?
A: No. If you want to keep your original foam and cover please remove before sending the seat to us. All foam and covers get thrown away.

NOTE: We do not guarantee the colors to match the stock, we try to get as close as possible with what is available to us.

Q: What is the difference in cover materials?

  • Gripper: Great for aggressive riding or being held in place. If you like to slide around do not order this cover.
  • Carbon: A black vinyl that has a carbon fiber pattern made into the surface for a good look. Has a slicker surface.
  • Embossed: A smooth black vinyl with square dimples embossed into the material but not all the way through keeping it water resistant. This cover will scuff if dragging sharp edged items across surface.
  • Plain: A nice leather grain vinyl similar to some stock seats.
  • Suede: Real leather suede that allows breathing and durability. With suede there is maintenance needed to keep pliable and texture. Suede covers will hold water so when using in wet climates a water proof cover should be installed. Suede available in black, dark gray,light gray, red, blue and tan. Note what color you would like and stitch color at checkout or email us details. Allow a extra 2-5 days for cover to be made.
All standard covers are made of water resistant vinyl. The covers are not water proof at the seams. If using in a environment where water is a issue wrap the foam with a thin plastic before installing the cover. A sheet of thin plastic is provided with all kits that its applicable. Water will still be present at seams after rain till cover dries inside and out.

All complete seats are supplied with plastic already installed.

Images of some of our cover options

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