Tip #1: Make sure you have the right tools!

We recommend:

  • 20-gauge pneumatic staple gun
  • stainless-steel staple: 1/2" cr X 1/4" leg (Note: ONLY use 5/16" leg when the foam material is too thick for the shorter staple to properly staple into the plastic seat pan.)
  • flathead screwdriver (staple removal)
  • needle-nose pliers (staple removal)
  • spray adhesive (to glue the foam onto the pan)

Tip #2: Warm up the cover before starting!

Ensure the cover is nice and warm before you begin the installation process. This allows the cover to stretch and will make smoothing out wrinkles easier. We recommend:

  • heat lamp (Don't get the cover too close, and don't set the settings too high! You want the cover warm, not hot.)
  • setting the cover in a sunny, warm location

Tip #3: Make sure you have ample room!

 You will be maneuvering the seat around when stapling the cover, so, although having a big space is not a requirement, having sufficient space is better for ease of installation.

Tip #4: Anchor the cover and focus on one half of the seat!

  1. Fit the cover over the foam to ensure everything fits.
  2. Staple a couple of staples into the front and rear areas of the seat to hold the cover in place (as shown above).
  3. Staple the cover down on either side of any area where the pan curves, such as where some pans curve up towards the tank.
  4. From the staples tacked down in the previous step, focus on the portion of the seat either above or below them.
  5. Install whichever half of the seat is left—the upper or lower half.

Tip #5: Follow the wrinkles!

With certain models, it can be difficult to get wrinkling out of the cover. We recommend following the direction of the wrinkles to the edge of the pan and stapling the cover down in that area.

Depending on the shape of the seat and how much wrinkling there is, you may find yourself needing to pull some staples out so you can staple the cover after following the direction of those wrinkles. Re-stapling is a completely normal part of the installation process, so don't be afraid to pull staples out and staple new ones to ensure the cover is as taut as possible.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have!