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Lendon Smith - Grand Poobah (Owner)
Robert Lightfeldt - Exalted One (Owner)
Amy Smith - Mother of all creatures great and small
Chad Zulian - Thinker of deep thoughts
Dang he's good lookin! Roger Sewell - Huge Nerd
Caleb Frankamp - Sales / Marketing Extraordinaire
Terry Williams - Foam Production Zoo Keeper
David Howard - Research and Development
David Smith - Shop Honcho
Jackie Smith - Child Care Overlord

Daniel Gonzales - Assembly Specialist
Dalton Bradshaw - Assembly Specialist
Dylan Freville - Assembly Specialist

Mabel Morales - Shipping Virtuoso
Rachelle Freeland - Shipping Virtuoso

Brynna Smith - Customer Experience Guru
Tyrell Vasquez - Customer Experience Guru

Nick Dezan - Foam Practicioner
Kyle Savage - Foam Practicioner
Daniel Garcia - Foam Practicioner

Marv Strutzenberg - Haberdasher
Zach Vose - Haberdasher