Proud To Support and Partner With FTR

Proud To Support and Partner With FTR

     As a small seat manufacturer based out in Idaho, we are excited to be the official seat and a proud sponsor for this year's Florida Trail Riders race season. 

     The owners are immensely proud of this accomplishment, but, for co-owner, Lendon, this is an especially proud moment. Florida raised Lendon from ages 6 to 23. He grew up in a small town and raced any and all FTR-sanctioned races as often as he could afford it. Racing Hare Scrambles through woods, through cow pastures, through swamps, Lendon has experienced most of what Florida had to offer. 

     “I’m very proud. The town I grew up in was pretty dang small. To be able to come from there, and to have a great company with great people working there, then a product that we’re all proud of—it’s just great. I couldn’t ask for anything more, honestly.”

— Lendon Smith, Co-owner

     Seat Concepts as a whole is excited to continue forward and, as always, keep working to ensure riders everywhere aren't hindered by uncomfortable seats and can keep riding the world in comfort! 


Seat Concepts wishes the racers the best of luck in this 2023 season! 

Now Available: 2023 Husky FC/FS/FX/TC/TX Seat Kit Options

Now Available: 2023 Husky FC/FS/FX/TC/TX Seat Kit Options

Kicking this year off right with the release of Comfort and Element Seat Kit options for 2023 Husky FC, FS, FX, TC, and TX bikes. Make this year about getting out there, making new memories, and finally doing that big ride you've been wanting to do! Nothing like a new Comfort or Element seat kit to allow you a better, more comfortable ride experience to make this goal a possibility.  

The Comfort Seat Kit (shown above) is going to offer a wider seating platform for additional support, and the Element Seat Kit (shown below) will offer the same comfort but be a great option for your snow bike!

Be sure to check out all our options here!

New 23+ KTM Seat Options Available!

New 23+ KTM Seat Options Available!

Excited to take that brand new KTM SX, SX-F, XC, or XC-F dirt bike out but not too excited to sit down on that brick of a seat? We're excited to offer a few seat options to help provide you with much-needed comfort!!

The standard Comfort Foam & Cover Kit will provide a wider seating platform for added support. Additionally, the cover boasts a new design that will complement the contour of the 2023 bodywork. The Comfort XL will offer the same updated cover design and provide an even wider seating platform, perfect for maximum support during long hauls.

The Element and Element XL options will provide all the benefits of our Comfort and Comfort XL seat kits, but the covers are made with a more aggressive and water-resistant material. The Element-style covers also include traction ribs to keep you firmly planted.

With the holidays coming up, a new seat kit will be a great addition to your wish list or a great gift for that rider in your life. Lead times are only taking a couple of weeks so be sure to place your order soon!