New Triumph Tiger 900 Rally/GT Kits Now Available

Now offering two amazing Foam & Cover Kit replacements! Of course, the standard Comfort kit is a must as it maintains stock height while featuring an improved shape. The widened seating platform allows better weight distribution for maximum comfort. The second option will lower the seat height by about an inch. Our Comfort Low seat kit will not only get the rider closer to the ground but includes an improved shape and feel as well. Both options are offered in two different cover options plus a matching rear cover option.

Gas Gas ES/SM 700 Foam & Cover Kits Now Available

We are so excited to now offer Foam & Cover kits for 2022-2023 Gas Gas 700 ES/SM models. At this time, we are only offering standard Comfort kits in three different colorway options. Our Comfort kits are 10" wide to provide more comfort and support over your stock seat. 

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Exciting news for KLX300R owners!

'20-'23 KLX300R Foam & Cover Kits Now Available

Ride trails in style with a new Comfort-style Foam & Cover Kit for your KLX300R! We replicated the OEM design of a green top, but that's not all. We're also offering a green sides cover option that compliments the graphics pretty well if we do say so ourselves.

Warning: These seats may cause excessive sitting due to optimal comfort technology.


2020-2022 Foam & Cover Kits

We're offering two heights for the 2020-2022 KLX300R models, both being Comfort-style kits. We are offering a Comfort-Low and a standard Comfort kit option. Our Low kit is an inch lower than the stock seat, but still provides as much comfort as possible through its shape. Both height options are wider than the stock seat to distribute weight over a greater surface area for increased support and comfort.

2023 Foam & Cover Kits

We are only offering two height options for 2023 KLX300R models as well. The two heights are a standard Comfort and a Comfort-Tall. In line with our other Comfort product lines, both seats will be wider than the stock seat. The tall kit raises the seat height by an inch to provide more leg room and alleviate discomfort in the knees. 


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Proud To Support and Partner With FTR

Proud To Support and Partner With FTR

     As a small seat manufacturer based out in Idaho, we are excited to be the official seat and a proud sponsor for this year's Florida Trail Riders race season. 

     The owners are immensely proud of this accomplishment, but, for co-owner, Lendon, this is an especially proud moment. Florida raised Lendon from ages 6 to 23. He grew up in a small town and raced any and all FTR-sanctioned races as often as he could afford it. Racing Hare Scrambles through woods, through cow pastures, through swamps, Lendon has experienced most of what Florida had to offer. 

     “I’m very proud. The town I grew up in was pretty dang small. To be able to come from there, and to have a great company with great people working there, then a product that we’re all proud of—it’s just great. I couldn’t ask for anything more, honestly.”

— Lendon Smith, Co-owner

     Seat Concepts as a whole is excited to continue forward and, as always, keep working to ensure riders everywhere aren't hindered by uncomfortable seats and can keep riding the world in comfort! 


Seat Concepts wishes the racers the best of luck in this 2023 season!