Q: What is your address?

A: Seat Concepts
4221 Challenger Way
Caldwell, ID 83605

Q: What are Seat Concepts Business Hours?
A: Our office and customer service hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. 

Q: What is the order lead time?
A: Please see this link to our Lead Time page for updated information.


Q: Is shipping to a PO Box available?
A: No, FedEx is our exclusive carrier for all shipments, and, currently, they do not deliver to PO Boxes.

Q: Do you ship to APOs?
A: Yes, we do.  However, shipping charges are incredibly difficult to calculate for those areas and additional postage may be required.  Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Does Seat Concepts ship internationally?
A:  Yes, we ship Internationally.  FedEx is our exclusive carrier for all international shipments.  We do not ship to hotels, motels, hostels, etc.  We also have dealers and distributors in many other countries.  Shipping costs vary, once you enter your shipping address on our website it will automatically calculate the estimated shipping cost. All prices shown on our site are in US Dollars. There may be additional taxes and import fees due on delivery. Seat Concepts does not collect or profit from these fees. By purchasing, you agree to cover any additional costs due on delivery.  Refusing to pay those duties and taxes will deem the package abandoned and there are no refunds if this is the outcome.  We do our best to calculate shipping for our International customers at the time of purchase.  However, sometimes those calculations are incorrect and we may need to contact you for additional postage that is out of our control.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We truly appreciate your business. 

Q: Will my order be affected by the current circumstances with COVID-19?
A: At this time, we're conducting business/production as usual. This will not change unless forced to do so by officials. However, it's possible that our supply of materials may be affected which in worse case would lengthen the production lead time on your order. As always, we appreciate your business and patience. 

Q: What is the product warranty?
A: There is a 1-year product defect warranty to the original purchaser. This does not cover abuse, impact (crash) damage, cross threaded or stripped mounting bolts/inserts, damage done during customer installation or sun-faded colors. Excessive wear or abrasion at the knee area is common to riders who wear knee braces or grip tightly with their knees and is also not covered under warranty.  For warranty claims, we will attempt to verify the issue as best we can with pictures, but in some cases, an item must be sent back for a hands-on inspection. If the product is found to have a defect, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the item. 

Q: I've received a damaged seat.
A: If you've received a seat that has possibly been damaged during shipping please contact us immediately upon opening the package. We will require photos of the seat along with the condition that the box arrived in.

Q: What is the return/exchange policy?
A: Returns and or exchanges are accepted within 45 days of the order delivery date.  Unused kits and complete seats can be returned for a refund minus shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee or exchanged for an alternate seat. Items must be in perfectly new, sellable condition, and MUST be returned in the original packaging with a valid RMA #.  To get an RMA #, please contact us prior to shipping your product(s).  Kits, once installed, are not returnable. Seats with other than standard stitching and/or other than standard foam densities cannot be returned.  If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing.  Seats received without a valid RMA # will not be accepted. All return shipping costs will be at your expense. If the product is being exchanged you will also be responsible for shipping costs of the new product coming back to you. "NOTE: Suede seats are a non-returnable option."

Q: Will my riding position be altered with my new seat?
A: There are many variables to this answer.  If you are ordering a different height seat, your vertical seating position will be changed accordingly.  If you order a commuter or a touring seat the pocket may locate you in a different position than you would be used to on the seat being replaced.  Your natural seating position may change on some of our seats due to our redesigned shape.  These changes may require you to adjust your controls as needed.  Please contact us prior to your purchase if you have any questions regarding seating position

Q: Does Seat Concepts offer custom seat shaping or custom covers?
A: No, we do not offer custom seat shaping or custom covers. Our foam material starts out as a liquid, so each different seat shape requires its own mold. We do not alter existing foam shapes.  Due to our current production process, cover options are limited to those shown on each specific product page.

Q: Are there different density foams available?
A: Generally, our standard foam density works well with a weight range of 165-265lbs. If you are below or near the lower, or higher side of the weight range, please fill out the details box when checking out and our foam technicians will determine the correct density for you. There is no additional charge for a density change, but please note that any adjustment to the foam density would be considered a custom seat, and is not a returnable item. Please allow 2-3 extra days for custom orders.

Q: Are there different height options for seats?
A: Yes, but Not for every machine. We do offer alternate height options for certain models, so please check your product section carefully. If you don't see an option for the seat you're interested in please shoot us an email by clicking "CONTACT US" in the navigation bar up top.

Q: Is a *TALL* seat more comfortable?
A: Not exactly...Tall seats are designed for tall riders. Some people have blurred the purpose of a tall seat by ordering tall seats and asking for a really soft. Our seat design and foam formulation off-set the preceived value of a taller overly soft seat. The extra width of our 'comfort seats' combined with our proprietary foam should give you all the comfort you need at the right height.  We do make tall seats for many of our offerings, however, we do not make them exceptionally soft.  We can and do adjust the foam density for rider weights outside of our recommended weights (165-265lbs) or per customer request.  If we make the foam softer or harder per customer request, this is now considered a custom foam and not available for return.

Q: Is the *LOW* seat as comfortable as a standard or tall seat?
A: To make a low seat, we have to remove some foam.  In some cases, that has an effect on comfort.  Due to the thickness of the factory foam, sometimes we need to increase foam density on our low seats to prevent the rider from bottoming out on the pan in certain terrain.  In all cases, there will be less foam than the stock height seat.  In most cases, the low seat option is designed for people that really need the extra reach to the ground and understand that it may be a bit more firm than our standard or tall seat.

Q: What is the difference between a Complete seat, and a Foam & Cover Kit?
A: Foam & Cover Kits consist of a foam and a cover. This will need to be installed on an OEM seat pan. A Complete Seat comes fully assembled on a Seat Concepts pan, and is ready to ride.  

Q: Are Seat Concepts seat pans the same as an OEM pan?
A: Seat Concepts seat pans are design to be replicas of the OEM pan however are not actual OEM or factory seat pans.  On certain models we have made durability improvements or changed the shape of the pan to allow for a greater foam thickness or to increaser pan durability if an issue exisits with the OEM pan. 

Q: Will a Seat Concepts seat work with an aftermarket fuel tank?
A: Our seats are meant to mount the same way as a stock seat, so any aftermarket fuel tank or accessory that works with the stock seat will work with ours, and any part that requires modification of the stock seat or interferes with stock mounting will have the same issue with our seat.  However, we do have some seats that are made specifically for the IMS Dry Break Ready tanks.These special products are called out in the product description.

Q: The mounting bolt on my Seat Concepts seat for my 2011-16 KTM seems to be about 1/4" off...
A: This is a somewhat common issue on the 11-16 model KTM’s. From one bike to the next, there is a variance in the tolerances at the mounting points. In 2014 when we first started offering a complete seat for this model, we went to our local KTM dealer and took the seats off seven bikes on the showroom floor and the tolerances were slightly different on each one.  The trick is to make sure the front and middle mounts are properly aligned, then give the seat a very forceful shove forward, and give it a good hammer-fist hit right above where the seat bolt goes in. You’ll hear an audible click as it goes into place, then you can start the bolt and tighten everything up. In extreme cases, loosening the subframe bolts will give you that little bit of extra room you need to align the seat bolt. Once the seat has been on the bike for a while it will settle into place and will be much easier to install the next time. 

Q: I'm having a hard time installing my Seat Concepts seat for my 2018+ KTM...
A: On these newer model KTM's the tolerances will vary slightly from bike to bike cause some tight fitment when installing a new seat. The remedy to this is to install a 1/8iin flat washer between the tank and front mounting post on the fuel tank. This modification will allow for more engagment space in order for the front of the seat base to slide forward with less effort. Overtime as the foam breaks in the seat will development a memory and will naturally be easier to install. Please don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Q: Can I send my seat in for installation?
A: We will happily install the foam and cover kit for a minimal fee ($25/seat). In order to keep downtime to a minimum, we recommend placing your order, then shipping us your seat so the transit time of your seat overlaps the production lead time of the components. Make sure to add the Installation option to your cart from the products page. This adds the install fee and also lets us know that your seat will be on the way.  Don't forget to put your name and contact info in the box with your seat so we'll know who it belongs to. Also, be sure to send only the seat pan without the foam and cover. NOTE: We do not do any work on KTM 690 stock pans. The carbon composite material makes them extremely brittle and prone to cracking. 

Seat Installation Tips:
Sometimes the price to send in your seat pan for installation will be a bit shocking and cost prohibitive.  Many times, upgrading to a complete seat is very close to the same price after shipping and installation fees.  When boxing the seat yourself, please put it in the smallest packaging you can while doing so safely and securely.  This includes removing the old foam and cover in most instances.  Going straight to the post office or UPS will also save some money over a "pack and ship" independent shop as they will charge a premium.

Q: Do I need to disassemble my seat before I send it?
A: Yes, if we receive a seat that has not been disassembled there will be a $25 fee for the removal and disposal of those items. 

Q: Does my stock foam and cover get sent back when I send my seat in for installation?
A: No. these parts are typically not reusable, so we throw them away.  If you want to keep your original foam and cover please remove before sending the seat to us.

Q: Can I install a Seat Concepts foam and cover kit myself?
A: Yes! Our kits are made to be a do-it-yourself kit and are fairly easy to install. There are a number of good install videos on our YouTube channel, and the seat kit comes with great instructions. We highly recommend purchasing this staple gun from Harbor Freight's Wide Crown pneumatic stapler. (Item number 68029) We recommend T-50 stainless steel staples, and it is important that the depth of the staple not exceed ¼”. Our fit is very specific, if you have any fitment questions or difficulty, please contact us immediately. We are not liable for any damage that is caused by self-installation. This process is at your own risk.

Q: Should I take my seat to a local upholstery Shop?
A: We have had lots of customers take our kits to local upholstery shops, and most of the time they can complete the installation easily and correctly. The important question to ask any upholsterer is "have you installed motorcycle seats before?"  If their answer is anything other than yes, or they start talking about altering our kit in any way, they are not the right people for the job. Please note, Seat Concepts takes no responsibility for the quality of services of third-party installers.

Q: Can I Bring my seat in in person?
A: Yes, we do take walk-ins by appointment only, Tuesdays through Fridays. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Q: Why does the payment page go to Paypal? I want to pay by Credit Card.
A: In addition to the type of account you’ve likely used in the past for eBay purchases, PayPal also offers traditional merchant services and credit card processing. So even though our site re-directs you to PayPal, you still have the option to bypass the login, and pay with a credit card no differently than you would with any other system. We can also process your order via phone.

PayPal Credit

Q: Are there color options for all the seat covers?
A: Not on all covers. Certain models have an option for a factory color combo but not all. There are no substitutes offered for any selections shown in the Cover Options drop-down menu.

Q: Do the colors match the OEM colors?
A: They’re very close. We are not always able to guarantee an exact match, but we get as close as we can with what is available to us from our various materials suppliers. 

Q: What is the difference in cover materials?

  • Race 2.0: Very grippy and durable. This is the preferred cover of top Motocross and Supercross athletes.
  • Carbon Fiber Sides/Gripper Top: Our most popular option, generally recommended for medium to heavy-duty dual-sport and off-road use. The carbon fiber material offers good durability, and the asphalt gripper gives the rider a good amount of traction.
  • All Carbon Fiber: A black vinyl that has a carbon fiber pattern made into the surface for a good look. Has a slicker surface. This is the better choice for street and mellow offroad use. This is also the best option for riders who ride in jeans.
  • Embossed: A smooth black vinyl with square dimples embossed into the material but not all the way through keeping it water-resistant. This cover will scuff if dragging sharp-edged items across the surface.
  • Standard Vinyl: A nice leather grain vinyl similar to some stock seats.
  • Semi-Grip: A happy medium between a gripper cover and a standard vinyl.  This material comes standard on many European sport models.
  • Diamante Vinyl: An all-weather material imported directly from a European OEM supplier.  It is a luxury vinyl with a similar texture to a synthetic suede.

For close-up photos of our materials, check out our Materials Gallery here.

We constantly strive to improve our products, and frequently make minor changes to the cover material or patterns. As a result, pictures on our site may not exactly match the currently available product

Q: Are the covers waterproof?
A: All standard covers are made of water-resistant vinyl, (with the exception of Suede) The covers are not waterproof at the seams. If you ride in an environment where water is an issue, wrap the foam with a thin plastic before installing the cover. A sheet of thin plastic is provided with all kits where applicable. Water will still be present at the seams after rain till the cover dries inside and out. All complete seats are supplied with plastic already installed.

Q: How do I clean my seat?
A: We recommend using a mild detergent/cleaning solution, warm water, and a soft scrub brush. The material itself is pretty water resistant, but the seams are not sealed. Do not submerge or soak the seat. Do not put your seat in the dishwasher (yes, someone actually did that) also stay away from any harsh chemicals or solvents. To dry, simply leave the seat in the sun for a short while, do not use a heat gun, fire, microwave, or any sort of propane heater. **NOTE: Do not use a pressure washer to clean the seat!**