Seat Concepts Carbon Fiber / Gripper seatAt Seat Concepts, we pride ourselves in offering what we believe to be the best seat foam and cover products available for dual-sport, adventure, quad, and street motorcycles, at an affordable price.

Seat Concepts PRODUCTS are made and developed here in the U.S.A.  by true motorcycle enthusiasts. We ride and race what we sell.

Seat Concepts dual-sport & adventure seat-kits incorporate a wider seating area for the rider, which results in a more even weight distribution while reducing pressure points. Each individual seat model was specially designed to increase comfort without compromising rideability. The more aggressive the bike, the more aggressive our seat-kit.

Seat Concepts Super Grip CoverThe Seat Concepts Super Grip Competition cover incorporates an industry leading rubber grip patch at the lower center of the cover. This means you can hold the bike with your knees and have better control. A great attribute of this design is the resistance to damage caused by knee braces. Our ribs have a foam insert to improve resistance to sliding on hard acceleration or braking.

We provide detailed instructions for easy "Do It Yourself" installation. We feel this provides the highest level of quality & comfort, at an affordable price.

"I ordered a DR650 seat rebuild from you some months back.  I'm 69.  Before with the stock seat about 130 miles was the most I could endure.  Noticed immediately a great improvement with the Seat Concepts. seat.   I wanted to wait for a long trip before I offered an opinion.  I rode the DR to Mid-Ohio to VMD 2 weeks ago.  About 500 miles one way from NC.  The Seat more than met my expectations.  To me Seat Concepts saved the bike.
-John F."


Thanks John, we're glad you loved our product!!