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I just wanted to thank you guys for the great job on my new seat, I just got a solo GP for my FZ 09 with the gripper top and I can't tell you how nice it is to ride around and to look at. I no longer get sore and I can ride for infinitely longer distances, the seat is so well-made, holds me in place when I needed to but allows me to move around when I'm in the twisties. It looks amazing on the bike - just a perfect fit, I had actually ordered a (competitors) seat and send it back after sitting on it one time - it was so crappy. The stock Yamaha FZ09 seat is terrible and you guys completely fixed the diving/sliding to the tank that is notorious with that seat. Your company makes the best seat available for my bike in my opinion and it was over $100 less than any other competitor. I told the shop where I bought my bike that they should recommend a Seat Concepts seat to anybody who buys a new bike, luckily they just signed up with you. I sent him a couple pictures of how good it looks on the bike too. I've already gotten several compliments and just can't believe how much better it looks and how much the riding experience has improved overall.

-Carson C

KTM 300XC Two Race Seasons

"Your seat foams and covers are impressive to say the least. I have your seats and foams on both of my race machines and they are the most comfortable and longest wearing covers and foams I have ever used. I have two race seasons on my 300xc cover and foam that was installed in 2015 and it still looks and performs as new. It’s nice to see a company that makes such a high quality product that performs so well and lasts and lasts. Seat Concepts is obviously passionate about motorcycling and understands the needs of the dual sport and racing crowd"

-Jason H

Husqvarna 650 TerraStrada

Just a big thank you and kudos for building an absolutely WONDERFUL replacement seat ! Compared with the stock seat on my Husky 650 Terra, the Seat Concepts seat transformed the bike into something that remains enjoyable all day long (in contrast to the 100 mile limit i experienced before) - I was amazed at the difference. Impressive workmanship & quality, too - it's truly a beautiful addition to the bike. Keep up the great work!

-Colin C

BMW GS Nailed it!

I gotta tell you guys...... You freaking nailed it!!! I bought a cover for my '14 gs at the BMW MOA rally in salt lake. I then rode to Bonneville salt flats and through to Reno. Then on through plenty of desert to get to San Francisco. The cover performed incredibly well, I can move across the seat in turns without being 'grabbed' by it. Your cover provides way more than adequate airflow to the parts in contact with it. I am a fan. Thanks is for creating a really solid product!

-Michael H

NX250 Increased Ride time!

Just wanted to pass on that I am absolutely loving my Seat Concepts seat. On the stock seat I could ride maybe 20 or 25 minutes before it was unbearable and now I can ride for over three hours. Thanks for an awesome product.

-Justin H