Awesome Seat!

Just wanted you to know that I received the seat for my WR450f.

I put it on and took it for a ride.  That seat is awesome.  Like night and day vs the factory seat.  If anyone ever tells you that they are on the fence regarding replacing the factory seat with the seat concepts option tell them not to worry, just do it.
Awesome seat.
Thank you

It's awesome!

It's awesome!

Hi Seat Concepts-

 Just wanted to let you know I took the bike out yesterday with the new seat and it was awesome!!

-Bruce C.


The seat is much more comfortable than stock. The craftsmanship is flawless!! Awesome job!!


The seat fit perfectly and increased my riding time tremendously.  I am very picky when it comes to quality in workmanship and you folks hit the target. I am very pleased.

Thank you for a fine product.
 - Jack
Honda CRF250lL Rally

Love it!

I just got my new seat with softer foam and I love it!! I wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me. You were are all very helpful and patient! Your reputation for quality and attentiveness is well deserved.
Thanks so much