New Triumph Tiger 900 Rally/GT Kits Now Available

Now offering two amazing Foam & Cover Kit replacements! Of course, the standard Comfort kit is a must as it maintains stock height while featuring an improved shape. The widened seating platform allows better weight distribution for maximum comfort. The second option will lower the seat height by about an inch. Our Comfort Low seat kit will not only get the rider closer to the ground but includes an improved shape and feel as well. Both options are offered in two different cover options plus a matching rear cover option.

Gas Gas ES/SM 700 Foam & Cover Kits Now Available

We are so excited to now offer Foam & Cover kits for 2022-2023 Gas Gas 700 ES/SM models. At this time, we are only offering standard Comfort kits in three different colorway options. Our Comfort kits are 10" wide to provide more comfort and support over your stock seat. 

Our team is working diligently to offer more options for this model, so be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to be notified of new releases as soon as they drop!

Now Available: 2023 Husky FC/FS/FX/TC/TX Seat Kit Options

Now Available: 2023 Husky FC/FS/FX/TC/TX Seat Kit Options

Kicking this year off right with the release of Comfort and Element Seat Kit options for 2023 Husky FC, FS, FX, TC, and TX bikes. Make this year about getting out there, making new memories, and finally doing that big ride you've been wanting to do! Nothing like a new Comfort or Element seat kit to allow you a better, more comfortable ride experience to make this goal a possibility.  

The Comfort Seat Kit (shown above) is going to offer a wider seating platform for additional support, and the Element Seat Kit (shown below) will offer the same comfort but be a great option for your snow bike!

Be sure to check out all our options here!